How To Tell If Someone You Know Is Depressed

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Depression is most common mental health problem that anyone can go through. This can be brought on by just about anything, whether it was a sudden breakup, job loss, death in the family, the list goes on and on. Depression can start anytime, regardless of the person’s age or financial situation. Even though depression can bring on numerous symptoms, there are some common notifiers to help you determine if someone you know is suffering from depression.

Behavior Changes

You may notice someone displaying reckless behavior. This could be a person’s way of calling for help . Most behavior changes result in a person being incredibly angry or moody for no reason. This could make a person be considered as bipolar or suffering from some sort of personality disorder.

Loss of Interest

Someone who is depressed may stop doing the things they once loved. This happens because they tend to lack the emotional energy to keep themselves motivated in their passion. This could also happen due to feeling worthless and a lack of self-confidence. Anhedonia is the term for this specific symptom.

Lack of Focus

Having a lack of focus is another common symptom among people with depression. Things tend to stress them out very easily, therefore they canb t be as attentive as they once were. This is usually a common way that teachers can tell if their students are depressed or not, especially if they were once excelling in a certain subject.


Suicidal ThoughtsWhen going through depression, a person is often alone and thinking to themselves how their life is just miserable. This brings out other terrible symptoms such as feeling worthless and feeling as if no one has ever loved them or will ever love them. The main issue that stems from self-loathing is self-esteem issues. If a person was bullied or abused in their past, nine times out of ten theyb ll experience this symptom more so than any other.

Suicidal Thoughts

This could definitely come out when something sudden shakes someoneb s world for the worst. Due to the economy declining over the years, people have been experiencing layoffs and terminations which could have them scrambling on what to do next. If you ever come across a person that are having suicidal thoughts, please make sure to notify authorities as soon as possible.

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